Ever thought are you part of the problem or part of the solution. Yesterday a fairly ordinary conversation revolving College sports and whether the ...

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NCAA – Times A Changin?


The wealth gap – it is a scary thing when you look at it – at the same time it is a hugely divisive topic so lets discuss this is another ...

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The Wealth Gap


Simon Bridges the Energy and Resources Minister has been caught with his pants around his ankles. On April 2nd he opened up 200,000 acres of the West ...

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Simon Bridges -Yay or Nay?


The NFL Draft is just a month away, with all the intrigue and mystery that fans have come to expect from this annual event. The Draft is occasion wher...

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NFL Draft 2014


The man sitting in front of me could be me, you or anyone, he comes from a middle class family, whose parents are not overly wealthy but are far from ...

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Synthetic Cannabis


It might be the riskiest Marvel project to-date, taking a slightly obscure comic book team known as the Guardians of The Galaxy and adapting it to the...

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Guardians Of The Galaxy


It all started as an innocent flirtation, as a wee lad I was given my first game console – the now legendary PlayStation One. The games I had w...

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Xbox One